Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Having fun with a prime lens

Yesterday during a rainstorm, I read an interessant article in the last issue of  "Chasseur d'Images". The writer is a kind of expert of macrophotography and of insect flight photography. This time, he suggests to use a prime lens for close-up photography. The magnification is not large enough to call it macrophotography. So, because there are some sun beams today, I decided  to use my 50 mm / 1.8 in an unusual way. So, I quickly pointed a ladybug among some white flowers. And I had a lot of fun ! Of course, I used a tripod and manual focus. Most of my pictures were taken at f/2.8 to get the maximum sharpness and to have some depth of field. Not all the pictures were sharp ... but some seem rather good to me. I managed to get some pictures at f/1.8 and I have to admit, this is very difficult and the resolution of my lens is not homogenous at this aperture. The last picture is the best, I got at f/1.8 .

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